There are four awards within Air Force Entertainment. Two, the Roger and Wilco (first and second place, respectively) are awarded at each Worldwide Talent Contest for the top two performers in each category. The "Tour Roger" is awarded to each TOPS IN BLUE team member at the end of the tour. These awards were first given to fortunate performers in 1953 at the first Air Force Worldwide Talent Contest and subsequent TOPS IN BLUE tour.

While the desire to become a part of TOPS IN BLUE is perhaps the biggest reason why people compete at Worldwide, among long-term associates of the Air Force Entertainment program the Golden Roger may be the most sought-after award. First awarded in 1972, its purpose is to honor and recognize those that have unselfishly devoted their time and expertise to the TOPS IN BLUE program.

People are nominated (unknowingly) for this award by prior Golden Roger recipients. Although being a 'prior' certainly helps, it is not a requirement. Some people who never served in the military or toured with TOPS IN BLUE are on this list.

These people are truly the best of the best.


1972 - Col Al Reilly (Creator of TOPS IN BLUE)
1976 - Jeff Rutledge
1977 - Jack Jackson
1978 - Marge Miller
1980 - Col. Bobby Glenn, Nell Buckley
1981 - Doug Washington, Col Irv Gerrow, Faith Sullivan
1982 - Jim Walker
1983 - Ernie Powers
1984 - J. B. Brooks
1986 - Glenn Ash, Ozel James, Jr., Kevin McNulty, Jane McNulty
1987 - Hugh Boyle, Jim Harrington
1988 - Dave Sullivan
1989 - T. A. Burrows
1990 - Linda Edwards
1991 - John Moler
1992 - Ed Knox
1993 - Bernie Rone, Tom Edwards (Producer of TOPS IN BLUE, 1972 - present)
1994 - Antoine Wilson
1996 - Tommy Mason
1997 - Jeri White
1998 - Percy Lewis, LtCol Gary Smith
1999 - Lane McCray
2001 - Carol Sudy
2002 - Edward Jones, Lorna Newton
2003 - Bob Morrow, Rich Niemet (posthumous)
2004 - Barry Best, Gary Mitchell
2005 - Gloria Singleton, Brian Bird